Otherkin is NOT

Identifying as a species that is not human does not cause harm or dysfunction on its own, thus it is not considered a mental illness.

Species dysphoria can cause dysfunction, and therapists can tailor treatment for individual patients.

Some individuals feel as though their particular mental illnesses is the root of their species identity, however not all do.

Otherkin is NOT

Otherkin do not choose their kintypes.

Individuals compare their experiences (feelings, emotions, possible memories) to what is known about what they are questioning, whether that be an animal or fictional character. They cannot control their experiences, and only attempt to put a name to it.

Sometimes, identities form from trauma or emotional bonding, and are not an attempt to "copy" or "steal".

Otherkin is NOT

In an attempt to feel more like their species identity, or to share their personality in an easy to parse preview, otherkin sometimes put together aesthetic boards or outfits that remind them of their identities.

However, a species identity is a constant, integral part of who an individual is, and while it can be enjoyed with innocent glee, it is more than a shallow display.

Otherkin is NOT

Otherkin, especially fictionkin, often encounter their kintypes by way of enjoying a media or animal.

However, not all otherkin like their kintype. Some are downright afraid of their living counterparts. While most will cheer for their kintype, their identity is integral to who they are, and wont be forgotten about when the rest of the fandom does.

Otherkin is NOT

While most otherkin go through bouts of "questioning" themselves on what their kintype is—or even several sessions of questioning, due to realizing they may have been wrong the first time—an otherkin identity sticks with an individual.

However, there are times when individuals do realize they were wrong. Misattributing emotions or other experiences happens, such as realizing a mental illness that has been recently treated was the cause.

Otherkin is NOT

Otherkin identify as another species. Simply liking something does not make something a part of one's species identity.

Otherhearted is a part of the alterhuman community, and describes individuals who do not see something as integral to their species identity, but is still an integral part of their personal identity.

Hyperfoci, Special Interests, and other neurodiverse interests do not immediately fall under otherhearted, but may do so if the individual feels it describes their experiences well.

Otherkin is NOT

Some spiritually-oriented individuals know what their past lives were, but not every past life is a kintype or species identity.

Being otherkin is described by one's current species identity. If a past life does not influence an individual's current species identity, then it is just a past life, not a kintype.

Otherkin is NOT

A religion is described as the shared belief system, rituals, and accepted canonical mythology of a group of peoples.

Otherkin individuals come from all walks of life, countries, faiths, and spiritual beliefs—or lack thereof. There is no shared belief system or rituals between otherkin, and while there is community history and agreed upon terminology, that does not qualify it to be a religion.